Another Healthy Breakfast


Hello Everybody,
It has been a while. University stuff kept me really busy last week, Even though its my semester break. But I am so happy to spend at my place in Vienna.
I love it that I have my own kitchen here, which I don’t have to share and on top of it is very tidy and clean, I will be doing some recipe posts. While I’m writing this, I am preparing a chocolate coating for an amazing chocolate-nut cake. I will upload it the next couple of days.

But lets start with one of my favorite breakfast and snack ideas.
It is sour dough bread with mashed avocado, tomato and lime – basically bread with guacamole. Season it with salt and pepper and there you have a very simple and very healthy dish. And so colourful as well!
Because we had this for breakfast I added another extra topping for the bread. It is just a simple scrambled egg with sheep milk cheese on a slice of bread. The egg goes perfectly with the avocado and you get some extra protein.
There you have a super simple power breakfast.
Hope you enjoy it!



New Year´s Eve in Rome


Hello everybody! I hope you all had a good start into 2015! I spent the turn of the year in Rome. We arrived at the 31st and stayed for five days – we had plenty of time for sightseeing. I have been in Rome before, with my Latin class in 2007. But honestly, I couldn’t remember everything any more. Just that I was the one, who distracted our professor in front of the shopping window, while the boys where buying alcohol inside.
This time I paid much more attention to the beauty around me. It is more enjoyable planning a trip on your own than blindly walking with a tour guide.  Continue reading

Christmas in Vienna


Today I’m going to show you what Christmas looks like in Vienna. I love this city so much because of its elegance and tradition. Especially when it comes to Christmas markets, which have been popular for hundreds of years and attract lots of tourists today. I know that those kind of markets spread all over Europe, but I´ve never seen any in such unique locations as in Vienna. There are more than 15 markets and you can find them in front of castles, in the old town and of course, the most well-known in front of the town hall.

Down here you can find  a few  impressions. Hope you enjoy it. Have a merry Christmas!


Rathausplatz – Christmas market town hall


Schloss Belvedere


Weihnachtsdorf Schloss Belvedere


Christmas market at Altes AKH (University of Vienna/Campus)


Christmas mug 2014





Winter Outfit


Today I would like to show you one of my favourite winter outfits. This button down dress is an all time favourite, and combined with this new cardigan from Urban Outfitters it makes a great and cosy ensemble. I´m a huge fan of checked patterns, especially in the cold time of the year – a warm cardigan, some chunky boots and you´re safe. And because one cannot really flee snow in Austria, where I spent my holidays, I go for my classic Timberland boots. Those shoes brought me through many wet, icy and slippery winters; always kept my socks dry. Probably not the most fashionable, but trust me, you don’t want to face morning black ice  wearing flats.
As I said, I love that dress for many years now and it is one of those pieces I get never fed up with, but unfortunately it is not available any more. So I put together a few similar pieces for you. Hope you enjoy it.





1. pepe jeans

What I wear:
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Dress: Maison Scotch (old)
Shoes: Timberland

Nordic Days – COPENHAGEN


I spent one oft the last not-so-freezing November weekends in Copenhagen. It was a bit brisk but we had beautiful sunny days and could explore the city by foot. If I ever come back here in summer I will definitely get a bike – never seen a more cycle-friendly city and extraordinary bikes before.
And Copenhagen itself was lovely too as you can see on the impressions down below. We booked our accommodation via airbnb for the first time, which, despite my worries, worked out perfectly and the apartment itself (find it here)  had this amazing Scandinavian interior. Still to come, we made a great deal considering prices are above the European Average.
Speaking of which – if you travel on a budged but don’t want to relinquish that bit of culture and history – you should visit the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek on a Sunday because entry is free. I am still excited about this Museum; it is so versatile. Great masters like Van Gogh and Picasso, ancient sculptures; modern art and they even have mummies! ! !

Perfect weekend trip. Enjoy!


Healthy Breakfast – Homemade Müsli


Today I want to share my everyday breakfast with you.
Over the last few years I slowly changed my eating habits. It began about three years ago when I started to work out regularly. I don´t consider myself as a clean eater even though my diet is very healthy. I just don´t want to force myself into a way of eating, which makes me feel unhappy and uncomfortable. A croissant and a Viennese Melange from time to time make happy – so why should I give up on it? What I totally moved away from is chunky and heavy food but it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice to me. I just don´t like it anymore.

For my muesli I like to mix fine oats and all different kinds of seeds. There are sesame, linseed, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and different kinds of nuts.
To sweeten it I used dried mulberries, cranberries, fresh raspberries and a few banana slices.
I usually mix all of this with some plain yogurt. It´s such a quick breakfast.






When I saw this skirt I immediately fell in love with its colour. And I wanted to give the whole neoprene thing, that came up lately, a try. It is not real neoprene of course, but I can´t describe it in any other way. The material is very thick and solid and it doesn’t fall the way a normal cotton skirt would do.

When I tried it on at home I was surprised how difficult it was to find a matching top. Every straight or cropped top I tried  combining looked weird with the volume of the skirt. So I went with this looser jumper that I finally found in my wardrobe – it makes the skirt look a bit less futuristic.
I am really excited to wear this in spring or summer with a bright top!
Tell me what you think!

Skirt: Pull&Bear 
Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Jumper: old

Photos were taken in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen.



As the days are getting colder I start to crawl away in snug and cosy jumpers, especially in this cosy one here from H&M. I love the knit pattern, the colour and the fact that it is slightly cropped, while it is not showing any belly wearing high-waisted jeans. These are also new and they immediately became my favourites, because they are so comfortable and cool at the same time, which loosens up the blouse-jumper combination. The loafers combined with the slim legs of the jeans look smart and dashing at the same time. They are from an older Carvela by Kurt Geiger Collection. I could find an online shop, that still has them in stock.

Jumper: H&M
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Blouse: Topshop
Loafers: Kurt Geiger

TAPAS24 – food heaven in BCN



I would like to talk about a few places that I really like and I can honestly recommend. Tapas24 is a tapas bar in Barcelona, which I have been to two days in a row. The first night I went alone – and lets face it, there are not many restaurants you can walk into confidently and have dinner on your own! But the servants were so friendly and since you are sitting at a bar next to other people, who might also be out on a dinner for one, it is easy to make a nice acquaintance to chat with. They have a steady menu and daily varying dishes that are written on little blackboards all around the place.

Dinnertime in Spain does not start before 9 pm and eating tapas takes its time ( + queuing up for a seat while having the first glas of Cava) – Barcelona for sure is not the place for those who like to hit the pillow early. You can even chat over a glass of wine or two until you go for your next plate. On the pictures you can see Cava and olives, a pulled pork fajitas version, Bikini Comerç24 and a lemon sorbet. Bikini Comerç24 is the first dish they will suggest you if you ask for a recommendation. This is the luscious delightfulness of jamón ibérico (Iberian ham), mozzarella and black truffle between two slices of in butter toasted white bread. You now might think that this sounds like some kind of a posh toast – but trust me, it is a wonderful choice if you happen to show up at this tapas bar!


Urban_outfitters_jumperpez_vela_barcelonaPaella_pez_velapark_güell_barcelonaBarcelona_harborBarcelona_wall_outfit I spent an extended weekend in Barcelona in the beginning of November. The temperature was up to 25 degrees and the weather was absolutely amazing. I would really recommend this time of the year for going on a trip there, because the summers can get really hot in the city.

The pictures show an easy-going sightseeing day starting with a visit of Park Güell, which was designed by Gaudí and from where you can have an amazing view on clear days. Unfortunately they started to charge entrance fees for the main terrace this year. If you have been there before I would recommend to just strolling around in the rest of the park, which is free of any fees. The picture of the delighting garden was taken inside, but up the hill there are still lots of beautiful paths to explore.

We had a late afternoon lunch at a restaurant called Pez Vela in Barcelonetta, which is the newer area around the Olympic harbour. The place is very modern and directly at the beach with a lot of plants around the terrace. We shared one of the daily varying starters – stuffed aubergine – and had a Paella for two as a main. In combination with the nice sea view it is worth a visit for sure.
The rest of the day we spent walking through the old town and sitting by the sea enjoying the sun.
The place we had dinner at – even twice – deserves its own post.

What I am wearing:
Jumper: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Topshop
Sneakers: Nike
Bag: Furla (old)