Road Trip Ireland – Day 5: Titanic – Murals – Dark Hedges – Giants Causeway

OR  Northern Ireland in one day 

Giants Causeway

Titanic Belfast
Anything better than starting a grey foggy day by visiting a museum? No, not to me. And the Titanic Museum in Belfast is easily one of the best I have ever been to! However, tickets are quite pricey (about 20€ pp.). And if you are not a fan of Leo being the king of the world you might want to spend the day in a pub as well. Same financial outcome but no iceberg ahead!
The building is on Queens Island right by the Docks, where the Titanic was built by Harland and Wolff over hundred of years ago.
After entering you find yourself in a gallery that shows you Belfast in the early 20th century when Titanic was build. Shipbuilding was a huge industry back than and people from all social classes were involved in this business. The audio guide gives great insight with dialogues and true stories around the construction sides and the daily life of Belfast city. There are a lot of original sketches and models of the ship as well. Get a look at the historic slipway and the dock, looking out of the panoramic window you can see how they look today. My favourite was the ride through the shipyard seeing different construction stages. Altogether we were pleasantly surprised.






If you were short on time I would recommend seeing two things while being in Belfast: Titanic Belfast and driving around looking for murals

Murals can be found especially in the West and East of Belfast. We went to the western side of the city centre, just driving around the neighbourhood. I later found out that there are even detailed maps on where to find street art in Belfast and tours are offered as well. If you don’t have an own car, a taxi tour seems quite interesting. I guess they are mentioned in every tourist guide, but it could be a more personal experience being shown around by a local.

























Dark Hedges
We then left Belfast to go north to visit Giants Causeway and about 20 minutes from the causeway I spotted something on google maps, which made me really excited. We were almost just driving by one of the Game of Thrones filming locations. I knew that there were a lot of Game of Thrones tours offered in Ireland, but we did not really intend to go to any of the spots. It just happened to be on the way and the quick side trip was really worth it!



Giants Causeway
You arrive at the visitor centre, where there is a car park and the beginning of the trail. Entrance is £9 including an audio guide, which is quite informative and a few lovely stories are told as well. I really recommend hiking up the cliffs because the view is great. There are a couple of trails depending on how far you want to walk or hike.




Let´s call it a day
B&B for the night: we went back to Ireland and stayed near to Sligo at a place called Ocean Heights. It is next to the sea and really nice and clean (69€ per night).



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