Road Trip Ireland – Day 7: Kylemore Abbey & Lough Mask


Kylemore Abbey

Ireland’s North West offers such a variety – from endless beaches, fjords and cliffs to lush hills and beautiful  castles. After a morning beach walk and some sea shell seeking at Louisburgh beach we were heading south. We drove past Delphi and a nearby fjord, saw rivers and valleys . There is so much to see along the road, we continuously stopped to take pictures, or took side streets to explore more of the country side. Continue reading

Road Trip Ireland – Day 6: Sligo – Ballycroy – Achill Island


Ballycroy Sheep

The roads along Ireland’s west coast are perfect for a road trip. Nature is overwhelming and trails throughout the area invite hikers and explorers. Get some impressions of this trip, starting from Sligo Abbey going South to beautiful Achill Island. Continue reading

Road Trip Ireland – Day 5: Titanic – Murals – Dark Hedges – Giants Causeway

OR  Northern Ireland in one day 

Giants Causeway

Titanic Belfast
Anything better than starting a grey foggy day by visiting a museum? No, not to me. And the Titanic Museum in Belfast is easily one of the best I have ever been to! However, tickets are quite pricey (about 20€ pp.). And if you are not a fan of Leo being the king of the world you might want to spend the day in a pub as well. Same financial outcome but no iceberg ahead! Continue reading

Road Trip Ireland – Day 3-4: Galway & Belfast


Cathedrals Quarter – Belfast

Day 3 went by quickly. It was pouring rain all day so we decided to postpone our trip to the cliffs of Moher and visit Galway instead. Galway can easily be explored by foot. It has a lovely pedestrian area, called Shop Street. Because of the rain we spent more time in shops than on the streets, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Continue reading

Road Trip Ireland – Day 2: Blarney/Ring of Kerry

Day Two: Blarney Castle – Ring of Kerry


We started this day with an Irish Breakfast. And you will see, we pretty much carried on this “food theme” for the rest of our journey. Full Irish for breakfast and the end of the day can be categorized under pub food. Honestly, this is not my favorite cuisine and at the end of the week I reduced my breakfast to egg on toast. Continue reading

Road Trip Ireland – Day 1: Glendalough/Kilkenny/Cork

In Advance:
We took this trip in April, when spring was coming to Ireland. Whenever you go, especially on a longer trip, you have got to expect rainy days. Irish weather is not just a cliché and you might have three seasons throughout one day, coming along with storm, hail and bright sunshine.
We spent 8 days on the road to see the most famous places in Ireland and Northern Ireland. In between we went back to Dublin to take a two-day break while it was pouring rain. Therefore you want to plan in a few extra days in case the weather is too awful.
We had a small but brand new car from BUDGET for 17€ per day (+ 140€ fully comprehensive insurance). Do not worry too much about driving on the left hand side. There is surprisingly little traffic as soon as you get out of the city and on the weekdays there were more cyclists on the road than cars.
I am going to write about each day in an individual post. First we took the south route and in the second half of the journey we went up north:

Route 1_Ireland_Roadtrip

Route 1

Route 2_Ireland_roadtrip

Route 2

Day One: Glendalough – Kilkenny – Cork
We started from Dublin 4 and went further in the direction of Dun Loaghaire and Bray. You can take the highway or go for the smaller coastal streets because the coastline is lovely towards Bray.




First stop was Glendalough, about 45 kilometres from Dublin, which is a valley in Wicklow Mountains with two lakes and a medieval church. Also there are hiking trails with various levels of difficulty.


Glendalough facing an upcoming storm



Cemetery from the inside of the church


As you see – the weather changes quickly

Through the countryside (Hollywood, Carlow) we went on to Kilkenny, where we had fish & chips in the Kyteler´s Inn, an old and popular pub in the city centre. Besides a brewery that will be well-known by beer lovers, you will also find a castle and a picturesque old town with colourful little buildings.


View from the Kyteler´s Inn



Kilkenny City Centre

From Kilkenny we drove south to Cork and from there it is just a stones throw to Blarney with its famous castle. We kind of skipped Cork, only strolled through the main road and took a little break in a pub to book our B&B for the night.
We stayed in the Meadow Bank B&B, which is really close to Blarney Castle and has really nice rooms. Outside the cities you will only find Bed & Breakfasts, all of them having the same price categories starting from 60 € for a double room. We always booked the rooms a couple of hours before we arrived via or directly at the owner.

DAY 2: Blarney Castle – Ring of Kerry

HOW TO: St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin

Hello everybody!
Greetings from Ireland! Have you ever thought of coming to Dublin for the biggest and brightest of all Irish holidays? And I better tell you that on March 17th everyone is Irish! I want to give you a couple of tips on how to get through this green madness if you plan on visiting Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day 2016.  Continue reading

Chocolate Banana Muffin


I have another recipe for you this week.
Muffins are definitely my favourites when it comes to baking. The dough is usually very simple and over the years I started to combine recipes according to the season and what I have at home. In summer I usually use fresh berries but around this time of the year I pick bananas, pears or apples. Those little chocolate muffins contain both, bananas and pears. The banana gives the dough a nice consistency and keeps it soft even on the second day. But if that’s too much of fruitiness for you, you can go for only one of those and add some extra chocolate.

Ingredients (for 12 muffins):
100 g butter (or coconut fat)
200 g milk or dark chocolate
150 g yogurt or sour crème
250 g flour
100 g sugar
2 eggs
1 big banana
2 pears
2 tablespoons baking powder

  • Melt butter and chocolate
  • Mash the banana with a fork and cut the pears in little pieces
  • Mix all the wet ingredients and the sugar together
  • Add the flour and the baking powder
  • At the end stir in the mashed banana and pears
  • 20-25 minutes at 180 degrees celsius


Chocolate Cake Heaven


German version below

Hello everybody,
Today I’m going to share one of my favourite cake recipes with you. It is simple, quick and you can easily mix all the ingredients together without a blender or a food processor. The basic recipe is a chocolate cake but you can add any kind of nuts and use any kind of cake tin. The measurement unit I use is a 250 ml yoghurt pot, which you can get in stores in central Europe. I know that not every country has those, but it has the same size as one cup – so don’t worry. The simple reason I’m using such a pot is that I need exactly this amount of yoghurt and then carry on using the cup for measuring off all the other ingredients.

3 eggs
1 cup of yogurt
1 cup of flour + some baking powder
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of cocoa powder (sweetened)
½ cup of melted butter or coconut oil
1 cup of ground nuts (optional)

Mix all the ingredients together and put it in the oven for one hour at 175 degrees Celsius. Have fun!


Dieses Rezept ist eines der einfachsten und besten das ich jemals ausprobiert haben. Die Zutatenliste dafür habe ich in meinem Kopf und darunter befindet sich nichts, was Kühlschrank und Küchenkasten nicht bereithalten würden. Wann kann man das schon von einem Rezept sagen.
Die Grundzutat ist ein kleiner Becher Joghurt (250 ml). Und von da an werden alle weiteren Zutaten mit diesem Becher abgemessen – Becherkuchen eben.
Nüsse und Kokosfett sind optional. Ich nehme normalerweise eine Hälfte Kokosfett weil der Geschmack unheimlich gut mit den Nüssen harmoniert. Die Zutaten werden einfach zusammengemixt und dann kommt das Ganze für eine Stunde bei 175 Grad in den Ofen.

3 Eier
1 Becher Joghurt (250 ml)
1 Becher Mehl
1 Becher Zucker
1 Becher Kakaopulver
½ Becher geschmolzene Butter oder Kokosfett
1 Becher Nüsse
1 Packung Packpulver